Thirty-Ninth Annual Reunion


Gary and Pat Baker
Daneil Belcher
Katie Belcher and Antonio Maynor
Ronnie and Elmer Boring
Ross Boring
Josh, Laura, Isaac, and Benjamin Davy
Sue Davy
Drew, Brock, and Coco Gaertner
Greg, Kelli, Alexis, and Scott Gillingham Terry Haines
Tami Hanson and Garth Fleetwood
Calsta Hanson and friend Emma
Zach Hanson
Diane Hanzel and Susie Brantsma Thea and Zane Jackson
Nikki, Josh, Nolan, and Nalyssa Jerome
Kristi Knerr
Betsy and Rod Maynard
Andie, Dale, and Davis Moore
Danni Moore and Rhys Lewis
Delaney Moore and Nate Lang
Destinee Moore and Anthony Perez
Devon Moore and Nathan Tripp
Dylan Moore and Kevin Wheeler
Dana and Patty Neidhardt
Kyle and Sami Neidhardt
Paul Neidhardt and Karen Jallings
Kristin and Allison Jallings, and friend Chad Crow
Sheila Neidhardt
Dorrie J. Nelson
David and Samantha Petersen
Don and Terry Petersen
Jennifer Petersen
Molly Petersen and Mike Sangray
Carla and Paul Reneau
Zane Reneau and Rose Dickson
Jodie, Jay, and Jamie Rogers, and
John Smart
Dorrie Simpson
Karen St. George
Kassi and Kandace St. George
Kevin and Michele St. George
Phillip St. George Kathy Schaefers and Eric Muller
Helen Smith
Linda Summers

A total of ninety-one family members and friends attended the thirty-ninth reunion
Attendee list was provided by Gary Baker. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

The weather co-operated nicely for the weekend, temps in the 70's every day. The Barker side of the family were here en-masse to put Diane Gillingham's ashes to rest at the Memorial Wall. The flag was flown at half-mast to honor Dianes and Joann Neidhardt who passed away May 30, 2017

From the Homestead Cabin Log

June 22 (Thursday)
Pat & Gary in from Billings @ 11:30 AM cool and sunny. Had a hard time to unlock the locks on kithcen door. Porta Potty guys here around noon. DJ & Dorrie here in a co0mpact RV 2:00 PM. Don & Terry here @ 3 PM. Tami & boyfriend Garth here @ 7 PM with Zach & Calista & Calista's friend Emma.

June 23 (Friday)
Clear & calm 36 degrees @ 6 AM. Cooled down rapidly after sunset. Looks like today will be beautiful! 68 degrees @ 12:30, scattered clouds, mild breeze. People arriving all morning, now 25 of us here. 65 total here this afternoon. Perfect weather - about 70 degrees & clear all day.

June 24 (Saturday)
47 degrees, calm, clear @ 8:00 AM. Total of 85 people here today. The Washington branch of the family brought Diane Gillingham's ashes to scatter among the rocks at the Memorial Wall. The flag was flown at half mast today to honor Diane and Joann Neidhardt. Scattered clouds, calm, & 75 degrees at 5:00 PM. Lots of visiting and game playing, with lots of food today.

June 25 (Sunday)
47 degrees, calm, clear @ 6:30 AM. 74 degrees @ 3:30 PM clear with a mild breeze. Nearly everyone is gone. Kevin, Michele, Phillip St George & Karen still here as well as Terry Haines. Kristi Knerr, Diane Hanzel, & Brad hanzel's lady friend Susoe Brantsma here for a couple of hours this afternoon. We had a total of ninety-one family members & guests attending the reunion. 70 degrees @ 8 PM, calm & clear.

June 26 (Monday)
48 degrees, slight overcast @ 6:15. All the people left are departing today. DJ & Dorrie left at 8:00 AM. Karen out at @ 9:00 AM, Kevin & Michelle left @ 9:15 & terry Haines 9:30. Pat and Gary gone at 10:00 - Tami & girls are going to stay until 3 PM or so.
A great reunion - see y'all next year!

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Photos provided by Gary Baker

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