Thirty-Eighth Annual Reunion


Gary and Pat Baker
Lee and Carole Baker
Daneil and Katie Belcher
Ross and Elmer Boring
Josh, Laura, Isaac, and Benjamin Davy
Sue Davy
Drew and Brock Gaertner
Tami, Dean, Zach, and Calista Hanson,
and friends Serena and Riley
Thea and Zane Jackson
Nikki, Josh, Nolan, and Nalyssa Jerome
Kristi Knerr
Sue Krygier
Betsy Maynard
Andie and Davis Moore
Dale Moore and Lavern
Danni Moore, and Joe and Rhys Lewis
Destinee Moore and Anthony Perez
Sami Neidhardt
Sheila Neidhardt
David and Samantha Petersen
Joann Neidhardt
Paul Neidhardt and Karen Jallings, and Karen's
daughters Kristin and Allison, and friend Chad Crow
Don and Terry Petersen
Jennifer Petersen
Molly Petersen and Mike Sangray
Roger, Angel, and Travis Petersen
Carla and Paul Reneau
Stirling Reneau and Paige
Zane Reneau and Rose Dickson
Karen St. George
Kevin and Michele St. George
Kyle St. George
Kathy Schaefers and Eric Muller
Debbie Schultz and daughter Lilly
Helen Smith & Greg Munger
Carly and Hudson Stanley, and Carly's niece
Madison O'Neil
Jason Stanley
Larry, Maria, and Josh Stanley
Linda Summers

Attendee list was provided by Joann Neidhardt and Gary Baker. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

We had a little bit of rain and hail on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday were warm and clear. Plaques for Vicki Johnson and Diane Gillingham, who both passed away in January, were mounted on the Memorial wall. There was a memorial service for Vicki at the wall, and her ashes were spread below to join those of our deceased loved ones..

From the Homestead Cabin Log

June 21 (Tuesday)
Lee & Carole in for reunion.

June 22 (Wednesday)
Pat & Gary in from Billings @ 1:45 PM. Sunny, Calm, 77 degrees. Beautiful evening, 71 degrees at 7:00 PM.

June 23 (Thursday)
Clear, calm & 45 degrees at 7:15 AM. Sunny, a few clouds, 78 degrees at noon. Lee, Gary, & Carole into Helena in the AM, Pat stayed behind. Porta Pottie here about 11:00 AM. Joann N. in late afternoon.

June 24 (Friday)
Some clouds - calm 56 degrees at 6:30 AM. A buck deer in velvet out by Lee & Carol's this a.m. Betsy Maynard here a.m. and Sue Krieger. Tammy & Dean Hanson, Zach, Calista, friend, Jenn Petersen, David tersen, Josh & Laura Davy Benjamin & Isaac, Ross & Elmer Boring, Carla & Paul Reneau, Kyle, Kevin & Michelle St . George Paul & Sami Neidhardt, Kathy Schaefers, Andie Moore, Dale, Davis, Destinee & Anthony, Drew & Brock Danni & Joe & Rhys, Zane Reneau & Rose
Showers & some hail off & on during afternoon

June 25 (Saturday)
54 degrees 7 am - cloudy-windy Vicki's family Larry Stanley, Thea Jackson, Jason in Plaques for Vicki & Diane put up this p.m. Debbie Schultz, Lily here

June 26 (Sunday)
7 am 45 degrees mostly clear calm Sue & Betsy left early. By 7 pm it was pretty empty around here - Pat & Gary, Joann, Karen Dean & Tammy & girls only ones left!

June 27 (Monday)
6:30 AM 50 degrees clear calm Porta-Potty guys here about 10:30 AM Joann & Karen out @ 10:45. Pat & Gary out at 11:00. See you all Next year!

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