Thirty-Sixth Annual Reunion


Gary and Pat Baker
Lee and Carol Baker and friends
Mike and Jeannie Ferguson
Josh, Laura, Isaac Davy and son Richard Harris
Sue Davy
Drew and Brock Gaertner
Terry Haines
Calista Hanson and friend Serena Burghardt
Tami and Dean Hanson
Zachary Hanson and friends
Pierce Campbell and Riley Malloy
Nikki, Josh, Nolan, and Nalyssa Jerome
Andie, Dale, and Davis Moore
Danni Moore and boyfriend Joe Lewis
Delaney Moore and boyfriend Nate Lang
Destinee Moore and fiance Anthony Perez
Devon Moore and boyfriend Nate Tripp
Dylan Moore and boyfriend Kevin Wheeler
Joann Neidhardt
Paul, Sami, and Kristian Neidhardt,
and Paul's ladyfriend Karen Jallings
Sheila Neidhardt
Dorrie J. Nelson
David and Sami Petersen
Don and Terry Petersen
Molly Petersen and Mike Sangray
Roger, Angel, and Josh Petersen
Carla, Paul, and Sterling Reneau
Karen St. George, daughter Debbie Schultz,
and granddaughters Miranda and Mykayla
Kevin and Michele St. George,
and granddaughter Kandice Honadel
Kyle St. George
Kathy Schaefers
Dorrie Simpson
Helen Smith & Greg Munger
Lois Smith

Attendee list was provided by Joann Neidhardt and Gary Baker. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

A total of seventy family members and friends attended the thirty-sixth reunion. The weather didn't co-operate too well for the reunion. Cool, intermittent rain, breezy at times, and cloudy, mixed with a bit of sunshine, throughout the weekend. However, the food was superb, and everyone enjoyed visiting and catching up with the latest news with all the relatives.

From the Homestead Cabin Log

June 25 (Wednesday)
Pat & Gary in about 1:30 PM. Lee & Carole already here. Lee and Carole friends Mike & Jeannie Ferguson in for supper. Kevin, Kyle & Michele in about 4:30 to mow. DJ & Dorrie arrived about 5 PM. Tami, Zachary & Zachary's friend Reilly & Pierce in at 7: PM. Light rain began at 7 PM quit about 8 PM - cloudy & 60 degrees.

June 26 (Thursday)
Overcast, 54 degrees at 7:15 AM. Light rain during the night. The new window sure brightens up the back bedroom! 62 degrees, overcast & sprinkling at 1:00 PM. Joann here at 5 p.m. Rain quit - actually some blue sky for a min or 2)

June 27 (Friday)
Some clouds. 54 degrees 7 a.m.

June 28 (Saturday)
Part cloudy 50 at 6:30 A.M 56 here Roofing Ptoject done this a.m. Paul, Dana, David plus assorted watchers. Good work. The rain test will come later.

June 29 (Sunday)
Some clouds 436 degrees @ 6:30 am

June 30 (Monday) Few clouds. wind 50 degrees 6am. Everyone packing up. Don P. out to spray weeds & then go. Lee & Carole; out early. Gary & Pat, Joann, Karen Paul Sami Kristian out early. D.J. & Dorrie leaving early also. Windy but nice.

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Photos provided by Gary Baker and Terry Haines

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