Twenty-Ninth Annual Reunion


Gary and Pat Baker
Lee and Carole Baker
Daneil and Katy Belcher
Sue and Josh Davy, and Josh's son Richard Harris
Tami, Dean, Calista, and Zachary Hanson
Nikki, Josh, and Nolan Jerome
Paul, Samantha, and Kristian Neidhardt
Sheila Neidhardt
Dorrie Jeanne Nelson
Don and Terry Petersen
Jennifer Petersen and Monty Snyder
Roger, Angel, Travis, Joshua, Derek, and Dawson Petersen
Carla, Paul, Zane, and Sterling Reneau
Bruce St George
Karen St. George
Kevin, Michele, Kassi, and Kyle St. George
Molly Petersen and Mike Sangray
Cody (Pat's nephew) and Amy Shandy
Dorrie Simpson
Madison Smith
Helen Smith and Greg Munger
Lois Smith

A total of fifty family members and friends attended the twenty-ninth reunion. Attendee list was provided by Gary Baker. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Homestead Cabin Log

June 18 (Monday)
Lee & Carole Baker arrived for reunion - put up new Homestead Flag & US Flag. Cleaned up opened up.

June 19 (Tuesday)
Gary & Pat Baker arrived. Weather = stormy but ok.

June 20 (Wednesday)
Dorrie & DJ arrived 12;30 & joined the small but happy group. Little showers in afternoon. Helen, Madison, Sterling & Zane got here about 4:15. Playing new game - tennis balls on cords - sort of like horse shoes but much gentler - so far...

June 21 (Thursday)
Bruce, Kevin, Michele, Kyle St G. out. Paul, Samantha, Christian Neidhardt Roger Petersen & family for evening.

June 22 (Friday)
Sue, Josh, Richard Daly, Lois Smith, Tammy, Dean Zach & Calista Hanson. Roger P. Travis Josh.

June 23 (Saturday)
Daneil & Katie Belcher, Paul & Carla Reneau, Greg Munger, Karen St G. Kassi. 10:am Jennifer Petersen, Monty? Donald & Terry P. Sheila Neidhardt. Nikki, Josh, Bay Nolan Jerome, Molly Petersen, & Mike Sangray, Angel P. & baby twins Dawson & Derrick here for the day only. Food, food, food if anyone left hungary it was their own fault! Little kids, middle age kids, & older kids - each had a Pinata to bat at - - fun, fun! Annual mtg was held.

June 24 (Sunday)
Some people packing up and moving on. By late afternoon 10 people had the place to themselves. Showers made an appearance - some had thunder and hail & lightning with them. Carol, Pat, Tammy put together a meal, Karen & Lois helped eat it. Spent the evening playing Sequence.

June 25 (Monday)
Sunny 50 degrees 6AM. Breezy AM Tammy, Dean, Zac, Calista to Blg - 11AM - Pat & Gary B. 11:25AM, Karen & Lois during noon hr. Port-A-Pottie people out between 9 & 10AM. 59-11:30AM Carol & Lee holding down the place 'til Tues.

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