Twenty-Seventh Annual Reunion


Bennie Baker
Brent, Karen, Sarah, and Mark Baker
Gary and Pat Baker
Lee and Carole Baker
Daneil and Katie Belcher
Sue Davy
Tami, Dean, Zachary, and Calista Hanson
Vicki Johnson
Betsy and Rod Maynard
Joann and Hank Neidhardt
Paul, Samantha, and Kristian Neidhardt
Sheila Neidhardt
Andrew, Veronica, Jubilee, and Justice Nelson
Dorrie Jeann Nelson
Don and Terry Petersen
Jennifer Petersen and Monte Snyder
Molly Petersen and Mike Sangray
Carla, Paul, Zane, and Sterling Reneau
Louise Rose
Gayle Rose-Wever
Bruce St. George
Karen St. George
Kevin, Michele, Kassi, and Kyle St. George
Phil St. George
Nikki and Michael St. George
Dorrie Simpson
Brad and Madison Smith
Helen Smith and Greg Munger
Lois Smith
Shanda Snodgrass and Tanner and Mykayla
Linda Summers
Ken and Anna Woodard

A total of sixty-three family members and friends attended the twenty-seventh reunion. Attendee list was provided by Joann Neidhardt and Gary Baker. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Homestead Cabin Log

June 22 (Wednesday)
Bruce in early before reunion gets going to finish weedeating. Hail "marble size", & 68 degrees. 5:10pm. More hail peasize & heavy downpour. May stay in cabin instead of putting up tent. Walk paths & road running like streams. Leak in porch roof 5th rafter from back bedroom door.

June 23 (Thursday)
Joann & Hank N.;Lee Carol - Bennie here already - Gary & Pat - Don P Bruce weed-eating - D.J. & Dorrie in around 4. Tammy, Zachary & Calista - Shanda - Tanner & 6 week old Mikayla. Nikki St George & Michael Kyle & Kassie, warm evening, socializing J. brought Dorrie a rhubarb pie - yummy!

June 24 (Friday)
Beautiful moon last p.m. (12:30). Clear - cool @ 6:30 am Temp 48 degrees Hank & Joann up - early birds.
Molly A. Petersen & husband Mike Sangray came Friday evening. Rod & Betsy Maynard, Brad, Madison, friend Traci; Lois S., Karen St G, Helen & Greg, Zane, Sterling, Paul N., Samantha, Kristian, Sheila N., Daneil & Katie, all out afternoon & later. Ken and Anna Woodward (Patti Haines' son) from Portland. Cooling off 60 degrees about 10 PM.

June 25 (Saturday)
50 degrees @ 7 a.m. Hank - Joann - Louise - Daneil - Katie up & about. Helen & Piper too. Good breakfast - sourdough & regular hotcakes!! Some out pulling weeds. Joann - Louise - Sheila - Gayle went rock hunting (& weed pulling). Carla R, Andrew, Veronica, Jubilee, Justice Simpson, Sue Davey, Vicki Johnson, Linda Summers in during the day. We had some light showers, some heavy. Overall a good day. 58 degrees - 7:20PM. Dean H. also came during day. Phil St G in time for supper. Jen P. & Monte in @ 3 pm

June 26 (Sunday)
46 degrees part cloudy calm Joann - Louise - Hank - Betsy - Rod early birds! 6 am. By 5 PM an all-most empty camp. Lee, Carol, Bennie, the Neidhardts (6) Reneaus (3) C, S, Z, Helen S, Lois S, Karen St G, Bruce St G, Phillip St G., still here. Paul Reneau out for while. RAIN & RAIN late afternoon, into early evening. Damp & cool. 50 degrees - 10 PM Majority of people turning in earlier. Karen & Lois played several rounds a card game. MON - More people leaving, Reneaus, Smiths (L 7 Y) some Neidhardts, Bakers. Sheila, Joann, Hank are staying

June 27 (Monday)
50 degrees @ 7 am - grey & rainy looking. Everyone up early - getting pshiked out for packing up to go. SUNNY @ 10:30. Lee, Carole, & Bennie out about 1:30 or so. Paul - Sami - Kristian - Sterling - Zane out at 1130 after one last rock climb to top Eagle Rock. Helen & Carla out before 10. Bruce - Karen Lois out after 3. Sheila & Joann took all garbage to dump. Back at 3:30 - Rain at 4 p.m. Good thing all tents down!! .4 rain since Thursday. Potty people here @ 4-ish Rained pm again.

June 28 (Tuesday)
48 degrees @ 6: am. Fairly quiet with only 3 people here! J & S walked down to see the spring - lotsa mushrooms on the little meadow. Found some toadflax just below the woodshed in the chokecherry bushes - toad flax is sneaky stuff. Ziploc containers are for ??. Swept, straightened up - locked up - H - J - S out at 11 am

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Shanda (Baker) Snodgrass, Joann Neidhardt, and Kevin and Michele St. George.

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