Twenty-Third Annual Reunion


Bennie Baker
Brett Baker
Bryan and Heather Baker
Gary and Pat Baker
Lee and Carole Baker
Jimmy Barker
Daneil and Katy Belcher
Ross Boring
Sue Davy
Terry Haines
Tami, Dean, and Zachary Hanson
Annie and Floyd Hassler
Thea, Bill, Curtis, and Shane Jackson
Vicki Johnson
Kristi, Jerry, Dylen, Arley, and Tyra Knerr
Rod and Betsy Maynard
Danni Moore
Joann and Hank Neidhardt
Paul, Samantha, and Kristian Neidhardt,
and friend Karissa Forwood
Sheila Neidhardt
Andrew, Veronica, Jubilee,
and Justice Nelson
Dorrie Jeanne Nelson
Gilda Padden and friend Bev
Don and Terry Petersen
Duane Petersen
Jennifer Petersen
Molly Petersen and Mike Sangray
Carla, Paul, Zane, and Stirling Reneau
Bruce St. George and friend Rick
Karen St. George
Kevin, Michele, and Kyle St. George
Nikki St. George
Phillip and Debbie St. George
Dorrie Simpson
Brad and Madison Smith
Helen Smith
Lois Smith
Ray Jr, Linda, and Tiffany Smith
Larry, Justin, and Joshua Stanley
Mike, Megan and Karlee Stanley
Jason Stanley, Esther, and Dominique
Linda Summers

A total of eighty-four family members and friends attended the twenty-third reunion. Attendee list was provided by Joann Neidhardt. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Homestead Cabin Log

July 9 (Monday)
Pat & Gary Baker arrived from Billings about 3 P.M. for early start on family reunion. Temp in the mid-80's. Set up camp & just lounged around. Had delicious steak & bake potato dinner.

July 10 (Tuesday)
Overcast & temp 70 degrees at 8:30 AM. Light rain during the night. Went to town in the AM to do some shopping & visit the graves of Pat's parents. Back by noon & went hiking. Cloud cover cleared in afternoon & temp in low 80's. Very pleasant day

July 11 (Wednesday)
Clear & 58 degrees at 6:30 AM. Walked the fence line with a GPS so I can plot the homestead on a computer map program. Lee, Carole & Bennie Baker arrived at 2:30 PM.

July 12 (Thursday)
Hank & Joann Neidhardt in around 2 PM - Helen Smith & Sterling around 2:30. Got tent & trailer set up just before a rain shower. Paul Neidhardt - Samantha - Kristian & friend Karessa came 5 or so. Terry Haines in afternoon. Jim Barker & Brett Baker - Brad Smith - Madison & Zane Reneau DJ & Dorrie Simpson 7 or so. Rain again in PM

July 13 (Friday)
Few clouds. 54 degrees @ 7:30 am Tent city by 6 pm!! Rained a lot afternoon & pm.

July 14 (Saturday)
Some fog. 52 degrees. Calm. 7 AM. Breakfast outdoors - 23 tents etc.

July 15 (Sunday)
56 degrees @ 7 AM - Cloudy Calm. Betsy, Rod M. getting ready to leave. Did a Pinata Sat P.M. 18 kid here counting babies. Kids enjoy the pinata. Had a very nice memorial service for Louis & Charlie. It was a moving tribute for them. Tributes, singing & a prayer. About 50 people climbed up there. At 6 p.m. only 21 left out of 80.

July 16 (Monday)
50 degrees @ 6:30. Calm, Few clouds. Brett Baker headed to S.C via Hln airport - 5:30AM. Ross Boring, Terry Haines off by noon. Carol & Lee B & Bennie heading to Lwtn, Pat & Gary B to Blg, & Dorrie & Dorrie Jean into Hln for several days - gone by 1 PM. 11 people still here. 78 degrees sunny. Bruce St G & friend Rick into Hln by 730AM for jobs. Sheila, Paul, Joann & 4 kids went white quartz hunting - then to the black quartz mine hole near the cabin & here it was full of cut trees so no rocks. Joann wanted some black quartz - no dice. P.M. - really hard rain - lotsa thunder & lightening. Cold. Lois S. & Karen St.G out @ 6:30 or so. Had supper first. Quit raining

July 17 (Tuesday)
6:15 am 49 degrees Calm Clear - Rained o'night. Helen S. getting ready to head out. Helen's digital thermometer showed 45 degrees! Cool for July. Getting things cleaned - swept etc ready to go - H & JN, Sheila - Paul & Kids

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