Twenty-Second Annual Reunion


Bennie Baker
Gary and Pat Baker
Lee and Carole Baker
Daneil and Katie Belcher
Sue Davy
Terry Haines
Tami, Dean, and Zach Hanson
Betsy and Rod Maynard
Joann and Hank Neidhardt
Paul, Samantha, and Kristian Neidhardt
Sheila Neidhardt
Dorrie Jeanne Nelson
Don and Terry Petersen
Duane Petersen
Molly Petersen and Mike Sangray
Carla, Paul, Zane, and Sterling Reneau
Karen and Bruce St. George
Kevin, Michele, Kassi, & Kyle St. George
Vicki Johnson
Dorrie Simpson
Brad and Madison Smith
Helen Smith
Lois Smith
Ray Jr., Linda, Amber, and Tiffany Smith
Jason Stanley
Larry, Justin, and Josh Stanley
Mike and Karlee Stanley

A total of fifty family members and friends attended the twenty-second reunion. Attendee list was provided by Joann Neidhardt. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Journals of Bennie Haines Baker

The Homestead Reunion
We left Thursday morning got to Great Falls and shopped at Wal Mart. I bought a pair of cheap shoes. We ate lunch in the motor home. Got to the Homestead about 5:00. Hank and Joann and Helen were already here. Lois and Karen had been there last week (?) and had everything all cleaned up. We parked the same place as always and I stayed in the "outer" bedroom. To bed early. A cool moonlight night.

Fri., Sat. and Sunday - people coming and going. Had to bring water from Montana City as the spring was about dry. Dorrie and Dorrie Jean flew in Fri. and rented a car. D.J. had to leave on Sat. A different bunch this year. A lot of little kids, and some first timers. Every one seemed to have a great time. We gathered under the trees (in the old potato patch) to socialize. The little kids were sliding down the hill on cardboard boxes most of the time.

People were so considerate of me - pushing me around in the wheel chair, or helping me walk. I got very tired but really enjoyed myself. Sheriff came one day to deliver a message to Jason Stanley that Tim Parry had passed away. Tami, Dean, and Baby Zach stopped for a day on their way to their new home in Washington. Tami drove truck from Billings and Dean flew in from Washington.

Don P. & Terry were here for a while one day. He was recovering from surgery - a few feet of intestines were removed. They stayed in Helena. My hearing was so bad that I missed out on most of the conversation. We all missed Cecil, Charlie, Louis and Billie. We left Monday morning, stopped in a parking lot in Great Falls and ate lunch. Home again - all tired out.

From the Homestead Cabin Log

July 13 (Thursday)
Joann & Hank N. in 1st of the crowd! Hot - hot & more hot.! 94 degrees in shade. Helen Smith in @ 4 or so - then Bennie, Lee & Carol Baker.

July 14 (Friday)
60 degrees @ 7 a.m. Clear. People in all day - hot again. Kids had a ball sliding. Lee took plaques in for engraving.

July 15 (Saturday)
60 degrees @ 7 am & mostly clear. Not as hot, 47 here today. D.J. left @ noon. Terry & Don P. here - he looks good & we're all glad to see him here - supper time Paul & Sheila N. surprised Joann & Hank with a 50th anniversary cake - champagne from Lois s - what a wonderful anniversary party - celebration with lots of family. Thanks to all - Joann & Hank.

July 16 (Sunday)
6:30 am 50 degrees - few clouds - feels almost cold after all the heat we've had. Hank, Joann, Sheila, Paul went up to the rocks - met Dorrie, Terry - Josh - Justin - Larry Stanley. Betsy & Rod Maynard left early A.M. - people started leaving around noon. Looks empty without all the tents & cars. 7 p.m. only Baker's, all Neidhardt's, Dorrie Simpson, Helen & Lois Smith, Terry Haines, Karen St George. Only 3 little ones to slide this evening. Saw a deer just below cabin. Daneil's griddle works great - almost fat free to cook with.

July 17 (Monday)
56 degrees @ 6:30. Cloudy. Coyotes were singing @ 4 a.m. Helen S. left early - around 7. Pokey morning - kids were all tired out & ready to go home. Baker's left around noon - Karen took Dorrie to catch plane. Lois & Madison S. and Terry H. left after 2. Sheila out @ 3:PM. Hank & Joann alone - at last!! Ha Ha. Rode to Madsen's to look at what they were doing - huge house right on the road - maybe a foot or so between road & House deck. We'd have to make a new road- where the really old old Model T road went through? Almost forgot - Michele St. George brought a pinata Sat & little kids had a ball trying to break it. Loads of candy for them.

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Photos provided by Lee and Carole Baker, and Joann Neidhardt.

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