Twentieth Annual Reunion


Bennie Baker
Gary and Pat Baker and Pat's nephew Clint Kolschefsky
Lee and Carole Baker
Shanda Baker
Jimmy Barker
Daneil and Katie Belcher
Becky, Jim, Alec, and Katie Bittner
Duane Bruce and Bob Foster (with Andie and Dale Moore)
Sue Davy
Cecil Haines and Terry Haines
Vicki Johnson
Betsy and Jeb Maynard
Andie and Dale Moore and seven girls
Joann, Hank, and Sheila Neidhardt
Paul and Samantha Neidhardt
Dorrie Jeanne Nelson
Don and Terry Petersen
Jennifer Petersen and friend Jason
Carla, Paul, Zane, and Sterling Reneau
Louise and Harry Rose
Kevin, Michele, Kassi, and Kyle St. George,
and Kassie's friend Kara
Phil and Debbie St. George
Kathy Schaefers
Dorrie and Charlie Simpson
Brad and Madison Smith
Lois and Helen Smith
Ray Jr., Linda, Tiffany, Alisha, and Amber Smith
Linda and Joe Summers
Rhonda, Jerry, Rich, and Brian (friend of Ray Jr. and Linda)

A total of seventy two family members and friends attended the twentieth reunion. Attendee list was provided by Joann Neidhardt. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Journals of Bennie Haines Baker

Thursday July 9, 1988 Homestead
We left home at 8:15. Stopped in Great Falls to get some work done on the motor home. I stayed in the motor home and Lee & C. went to a few stores and got a few things to leave at the Homestead. It was a hot day. We got to the Homestead at 4:00. Had just parked when the rain started - didn't even get to the house. It poured down for about 20 min. Gary was there working on the knapweed. Joann and Hank there too. Had the house all cleaned up etc. A few others came later. I slept in the "outer" bedroom.

Friday July 10
Cecil and Terry came about midnight. Others arrived all day. Dorrie, Charlie, and D.J. stayed in a motel in Helena over night. We stopped there yesterday but they were out eating. There weren't as many people this year as usual - lots of little kids, only about 3 teen-agers. It was a great reunion quite a few hadn't been there before. Had a rain shower every day. Lots of wild flowers. The syringas were in full bloom. Sheila pick about a cupful of strawberries for me.! Everyone retired by dark. Lee and Hank cooked pancakes and eggs and bacon for breakfast. Don made coffee. I didn't do anything - people waited on me. Spent most of the time sitting under the lilac trees with the "old" people. Lots of good food. The grass on the hill was too tall and wet for good sliding. Beautiful full moon.

Saturday July 11
More people arrived and some left. Rain shower in the evening. Lee found his billfold in the motor home.

Sunday July 12
We left the Homestead about 3:00 - were among the last to leave. Came the Townsend and Harlowton road. I slept most of the way - so did Carole. It was a wonderful weekend.

From the Homestead Cabin Log

July 9 (Thursday)
Gary Baker, Hank & Joann Neidhardt here between 12:30 & 1:30. Set up tents etc. Don P. & Jim Barker in at 3 or so. Hot out! New bed looks neat. Rain about 5 - Lee, Carol & Bennie Baker in just when (Entry ends GPB)

July 10 (Friday)
60 degrees clear calm. (Cec & Terry in at 11 pm). Becky & Jim, Alec & Katie - in around noon; Louise & Harry R also. Karen St George, Lois Smith afternoon.

July 11 (Saturday)
60 degrees - mostly cloudy @ 7:30am. Heavy rain in the eve. Cleared off - another shower in the night. Showered early in P.M. Big bar b que! (Ran out of food!! HA!)

July 12 (Sunday)
52 degrees clear @ 7 am. Beautiful day & eve.

July 13 (Monday)
50 degrees clear @ 7 am. Everyone left (13) heading out gradually. 78 degrees 12noon, winding down to the finish.

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