Nineteenth Annual Reunion


Bennie and Louis Baker
Gary and Pat Baker
Shanda Baker and Kelly Chada
Daneil and Dave Belcher
Shirley and Charlie Dunning
Diane and Don Gillingham
Greg, Kelly, Allie, and Nick Gillingham
Jody Gillingham and Jay Rogers and Jamie
Scott and Cindy Gillingham
Cecil Haines
Teddy and Teddy Jr. Haines
Terry Haines
Billie Hanzel and Jamie Fadness
Eunice Kindler
Sue and Jade Krigier
Frank and Clint Kolschefsky (Pat's brother and his son)
Betsy, Rod, Denise, and Jeb Maynard
Joann and Hank Nedihardt
Sheila Neidhardt
Andrew, Veronica, and Jubilee Nelson
Dorrie Jean Nelson and Craig Mills
Carla, Paul, Zane, and Sterling Reneau
Molly Petersen and Mike Sangray
Louise and Harry Rose
Greg and Jay St. George and friend Tara
Karen St. George
Kevin, Michele, Kassi, and Kyle St. George
Phillip and Debbie St. George
Dorrie Simpson
Brad and Madison Smith
Lois and Helen Smith

A total of sixty-seven family members and friends attended the nineteenth reunion. Attendee list was provided by Joann Neidhardt. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Journals of Bennie Haines Baker

Friday July 11 through Sunday July 13, 1996 Homestead
Gary and I left the condo about 8:15. Picked up L. and drove to the rest stop in Deep Creek Canyon. So far so good. On to Montana City and here. Quite a few ahead of us at the homestead and more kept coming all day - and some at night.

It was so good to see everyone but we sure missed Charlie S - he just didn't feel good enough to come. So many little kids - from 6 mos. to 8 yrs - and only 2 teenagers. Missed Don & Terry Petersen. They were on a cruise to Europe.

Everything so green and lush. The hill wasn't good for sliding. The syringas were in full bloom, and the strawberries were ripe. A couple of little showers in the nights so we had a bonfire, and played charades.

L. did fine - had only one mild attack. Everyone so willing to look after L. & me. We couldn't help with the work, but I did take a boiled raisin cake, chokecherry syrup, maple syrup, doz. eggs, cherries etc. It was a wonderful reunion.

We came home with Bill and Jamie. Got here about 8:00. Very tired. We visited the Great Falls (Ryan Dam) What a sight! Came home by Ft. Benton, Geraldine, Dentom.

From the Homestead Cabin Log

July 10 (Thursday)
Joann & Hank N. in @ 12:30 - rain. Tent up - cabin opened etc by 2:30. Showers again. Outhouse looks like new. Kevin, Michele & kids out around 7. Cec & Terry H. in around 10 pm in the rain!

July 11 (Friday)
42 degrees - clear - @ 7 AM. Reunion people started to arrive at 11 a.m. Tent City again.

July 12 (Saturday)
54 degrees troops stirring by 7 AM - cooks busy busy! 11AM Dave & Daneil Belcher - Shirley & Chas. Dunning. Charades etc. in P.M.

July 13 (Sunday)
56 degrees @ 6:30 AM. Clear - breeze. Big breakfast crowd. Barker girls & families left for Flathead around noon. G.Bakers out about 4 and Billie, Jamie & Ben & Louie about 5. Pretty quiet - then Reneaus - H. Smith left at 6.

July 14 (Monday)
56 degrees @ 7 am. Partly cloudy - calm. Everyone left picking up to go. 87 degrees 1:45 - still - too hot!

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