Seventeenth Annual Reunion


Bennie and Louis Baker
Gary, Pat, and Shanda Baker
Daneil Bartlett
Don and Diane Gillingham
Greg, Kelly, Nick and Alexis Gillingham
Scott and Cindy Gillingham
Cecil Haines
Terry Haines
Tami and Dean Hanson
Billie Hanzel and Jaime Fadness
Irene Kolschefsky
Sue Krygier and Richard Carson, and Noah Krygier and friend Nathan
Betsy, Rod, Jeb, and Denise Maynard
Joann and Hank Neidhardt
Dorrie Jeanne Nelson and Craig Mills
Andrew and Veronica Nelson
Sheila Neidhardt
Don Petersen
Duane Petersen
Molly Petersen and Mike Sangray
Roger and Angel Petersen
Carla, Paul, and Zane Reneau
Jodie and Jay Rogers
Louise and Harry Rose
Karen St. George
Kevin, Michelle, Kyle, and Kassi St. George,
and friend Tonya
Phillip and Debbie St. George
Dorrie and Charlie Simpson
Brad Smith and Sue Brooks
Helen Smith
Lois and Ray Smith
Ray Jr., Linda, Tiffany, Lyrra, Amber,
and Alicia Smith, and friend Steven
Linda Summers

A total of seventy-one family members and friends attended the seventeenth reunion. Attendee list was provided by Joann Neidhardt. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Journals of Bennie Haines Baker

Friday July 14, 1995 Homestead
Gary came and loaded us up - we left at 8:00. Got to Townsend at 11:00 and had lunch there - clam chowder and corn bread - delicious. Out to the homestead by 12:00. Just a few already there. And more came. Just ate and visited and most of us were in bed by 10:00. A beautiful day - not a drop of rain. Everything is so lush and green. Syringas still in bloom and lots of flowers.

Saturday July 15
More people today. Didn't do much except eat and visit. I walked down to the lower spring with Sheila, Lois, Carla etc. In the evening Terry and I walked up on the "flat" and gathered bitterroot seed - the bloom was about 10 days late this year but the flowers were dried up. L. & I both put in a bad night - less than 3 hrs. sleep. More people showed up. Pleasant weather-wise. When the sun goes down a coldish breeze came down the gulch. L. got cold and went to bed about nine. Lois, Dorrie, Don, Terry & Charlie played "Spit on Your Neighbor" until 11:00.

Sunday July 16 - Home again
Another beautiful day. We both slept well. Sheila took about 8 of us up to the "Clara Bell" to hunt for white quartz out-cropping - got a few good chunks. I found pitch gum, and we spied a bitter root blooming under a big pine tree. I picked it to bring home and show the Garden Club. We left after lunch - about 2:00. Almost everyone was getting ready to leave, or were gone. We rode home with Bill and Jaime - we got here about six. It was a wonderful weekend. The best of it all was when L. invited Dorrie and Charlie to come visit us. They re-arranged their itinerary and will come Thurs. until Sun.

From the Homestead Cabin Log

July 13 (Thursday)
54 degrees at 7AM. Rained off & on all nite w/thunder mixed in. Totally o'cast this a.m. Nice to have a good roof & a warm fire. Joann & Hank Neidhardt in at 2:45 p.m. DHP went to Boulder this P.M. & cleared up a mis-assessment with the assessor. Daneil out to visit- Helena - 5:30p. 845 Cecil Haines & Terry in from Libby.

July 14 (Friday)
48 degrees calm sunshine & some clouds. Molly Petersen, and friend Mike from Gt. Falls in at 11. Ben & louis Baker & Gary Baker in at 12. Don P; Joann N., Cecil & Terry Haines went riding down the Ohio & to Lump Gulch. Dorrie, Chas S., Lois, Ray, Amber S, Sheila N, Diane & Don Gillingham, Betsy Maynard, all arrived about 2-230PM. Also Tami & husband Dean. Helen S & Zane Reneau here about 4 or 5, Pat B & Shanda, too. Sue, Noah, Krygier & Rich Carson here today. Jody & Jay R., Greg & Kelly , Nicky & Alexis G., Scott & Cindy G., Ray jr Smith with Linda, Alisha, Tiffany, & Lyra, & friend Stephen, Kevin & Michele & Kyle & Kassandra, Dorrie Jean & Craig, Andrew & Veronica Simpson all here before supper was done.

July 15 (Saturday)
56 degrees partly cldy. Shower in early morning. Everyone went hiking - visiting. Linda Summers out for day - Angel G. Petersen & Daneil S. out. Ray Smith & family. Hi temp 78 degrees.

July 16 (Sunday)
50 degrees 7a.m. Few clouds. Barker families are out early a/c another family reunion. Duane Petersen here, also Karen St G., Phil & Debbie, Kyle & Michelle. Baker's left as did Daneil, Sheila, Carla & Paul Reneau, Brad & Sue B. Ray jr & family Dorrie Jean & Craig. St. Georges. & DNP.

July 17 (Monday)
52 degrees 7:30 AM. Clear Cleaning up & heading out. DHP, Terry & Cecil, Joann & Hank, Harry & Louise, Ray, Lois, & Lyrra. Sunny 78 degrees - 1:05PM.

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Photos provided by Bennie Baker, Diane (Barker) Gillingham, and Joann Neidhardt.

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