Fifteenth Annual Reunion


Bennie and Louis Baker
Gary, Pat, and Shanda Baker
Daneil and Bob Bartlett
Ross Boring
Cecil Haines
Terry Haines
Tami and Dean Hanson
Billie Hanzel and Jaime, Jeremy and Sandra Fadness
Diane and Jodie Gillingham
Irene Kolschefsky and grandsons Chance and Zane
Sue and Noah Krygier and Rick Carson
Betsy, Rod, Denise, and Jeb Maynard
Sheila Neidhardt
Dorrie Jeanne Nelson and Craig Mills
Don and Terry Petersen
Duane, Roger, and Molly Petersen
Carla, Paul, and Zane Reneau
Louise and Harry Rose
Karen St. George
Kevin, Michele, and Kasandra St. George
Phillip and Debbie St. George
Dorrie and Charlie Simpson
Brad and Madison Smith, and Susan P.
Helen Smith
Lois and Ray Smith
Ray Jr., Linda, Jason, Lyrra, Amber,Tiffany,
and Alicia Smith, and Jason's friend Kirk
Linda Summers

A total of sixty-four family members and friends attended the fifteenth reunion. Attendee list was provided by Joann Neidhardt. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Journals of Bennie Haines Baker

Friday July 16, 1993 Homestead
We left at 7:00 this a.m. and drove in rain all the way to Harlowton. Gary drove in at the same time - 8:00. We parked the car at Westburg and came on in Gary's car. Rain off and on the rest of the day. Got here about 11:00 - (had stopped at a restaurant on the hiway for a big breakfast). No one here and the door was locked. Lois and Ray came about twelve-thirty. By the time we got everything opened up, and unloaded people started to arrive and kept coming until dark. It stopped raining long enough for us to eat supper outside. L. & I slept in the outer bedroom. One big improvement over other re-unions was that Daneil made arrangements for a "Little John" which was set up by the garage. Everything is so beautiful - lots of flowers, and the syringas are in bloom.

Saturday July 17
More people came in. Lots of rain day and night, but we were lucky - long enough sunshine in the morning that we could eat outside, and in the afternoon sunshine again. Started to rain in the evening again. Just sat around in the cabin kitchen and on the porch visiting, playing cards etc. Very congenial bunch.

Sunday July 18 - Home again
All tired out. No rain all day but it did rain some in the night. People started to leave about noon. (Don & Terry and Duane Petersen came about then.) We had our dinner about one o'clock, and Gary & we left about 2:00. Nice trip home, we got here about 6:00. A great re-union. Joann and Hank weren't there. Hank had a hip replacement a couple of weeks ago. No water problems this year - enuf rainwater for everything but drinking. And it was cool enuf that food sat out on the porch - didn't need much refrigeration. We still had a little ice in our cooler when we got home.

From the Homestead Cabin Log

July 16 (Friday)
People coming in for family reunion - Bennie, Louie, & Gary Baker here about 11:30 AM, followed by Daneil Bartlett, then the Lois & Ray Smiths, Louise & Harry, Cecil, Roger Petersen, Irene Kolfcheski (Gary B's mom-in-law) with 2 grandsons. Several showers between the sunshine. 60 degrees - Chas & Dorrie in with Dorrie Jean & Craig 230 or-so. Port-a-potty showed up about 3. Betsy, Rod, Jeb Maynard, Diane & Jody, Sue & Noah here after 6 - got lost. Kevin, Michelle, Cassandra St G. came down from above - the flat - 7 AM. Terry Haines, Ross Boring, Pat B, Shanda, Tammy, & Dean here during eve.

July 17 (Saturday)
46 degrees 8AM. Heavy rain late eve. - quite wet this AM - sunny. Clouded over later in A.M. - Roger P. left mid-afternoon. Carla, Paul, Zane Reneau in from Msla, Helen S. from Kalispell, Brad S., Susan P. & Madison from Msla, Ray Jr, Linda, Jason, Lyrra, Alisha, Tiffany, Amber, & friend Kirk from Florence. Sheila N. from Bznj, Billie H., Jaimie, Jeremy, Sandra F from Lwtwn., Karen StG from Hln. Daneil back from Hln. Rain, rain, rain! Card games in eve. Heavy rain during night. Lyrra, Amber, Alisha, Tiff had to find new sleeping quarters, tent leaked. 46 degrees 11 PM.

July 18 (Sunday)
46 degrees - 7AM. Cook crew was able to feed everyone in spite of being AMATURES! (sic) Sunny but cool. Quite a few early departures - the Vancouver group left first - before noon. Bob Bartlett, Daneil's husband, arrived from Hln for a short visit. Don & Terry P. & Blue Dog in from Havre for the day. Duane P. from Gt Fs stopped. Beautiful day ALL day. Dorrie & Chas., Ray & Lois, Billie & Jaimie & Sandra & Jeremy, Louise & Harry, only ones left at bedtime. 50 degrees - clear 11 PM.

July 19 (Monday)
45 degrees 8AM - sunny. Everyone getting ready to leave for points yonder - Billie & crew out by 6:30AM - had to be in Hln by 8AM. Dorrie Jean & Craig out late AM. Lois, Ray, Amber leaving 5 30PM. 76 degrees sunny. Hope to be back soon.

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Photos provided by Diane (Barker) Gillingham and Joann Neidhardt.

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