Fourteenth Annual Reunion


Bennie and Louis Baker
Gary and Pat Baker
Shanda Baker and friend Jere
Daneil Bartlett
Cecil Haines
Irene Kolschefsky (Pat's mother)
Joann and Hank Neidhardt
Sheila Neidhardt
Don Petersen
Louise and Harry Rose
Karen St. George
Dorrie and Charlie Simpson
Brad Smith
Helen Smith
Lois and Ray Smith
Ray Jr., Linda, Jason, Alicia, Tiffany,
and Amber Smith

A total of twenty-seven family members and friends attended the fourteenth reunion. Attendee list was provided by Joann Neidhardt. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Journals of Bennie Haines Baker

Friday July 10, 1992 Homestead
We left town at 9:00. L. drove all the way. We stopped at Deep Creek Cafe for a bowl of soup. Got here about 2:00 - followed Smith's in, and Joann & Hank came soon after. The rest of them straggled in until about midnight.

Saturday July 11
More people came - it rained all night and all day. We're glad we stayed in the "outer" bedroom this time. For the first time I didn't get up on the cliff.. We spent the day inside or on the porch - cards, puzzles, reading and eating.

Sunday July 12
Beautiful day - cooler. Kids finally got to climb the cliff. Don & others picked two pails of ripe goodeberries. Everyone left except Cecil, Dorrie, Charlie, Hank & Joann, Ray & Lois and L & I.

Monday July 13 - Home again
Nice weather. L. drove all the way home. The only stop we made was for gas at Harlowton. We left the Homestead about 10:30 - got home around 3:00.

From the Homestead Cabin Log

July 10 (Friday)
Troops started showing up about 1PM - Ray & Lois, Bennie & Louie, Joann & Hank, Louis & Harry, Dorrie & Chas, & Cecil all here by 2 PM. Cloudy, then sunny by 2:35Pm 68 degrees - everyone settling in. DHP in from Havre at about 3PM. Karen S. George from Helena around 5 p.m. Good chow outdoors. Karen headed back about 8PM - on call all weekend. Showers all eve. Helen S. here from Lakeside 9PM. DHP & LB taught RCS & CS how to play pinochle. 56 degrees 10:15PM. FAMILY REUNION

July 11 (Saturday)
54 degrees @ 10 a.m. RAIN. Gary & Pat Baker in Fri. p.m. & Shanda B & Jere. Daneil B. - Hln 11:00 am Sat. Shela N - Bzn 11:30 AM. Showers off & on. Ray Jr, Linda, Jason, Alisha, Tiffany, & Amber here from Florence about 1:30 PM. Pat B's mother Irene out from Hln before noon. Brad S. here about noon from Msla. Sunny!

July 12 (Sunday)
46 degrees @ 7 AM. Clear - calm. Gooseberry pickers headed headed out after breakfast. Shanda & friend Jere left for Bzn before noon. Pat & Gary B to Blgs early afternoon. Brad to Msla, Helen to Lakeside by 3 PM. Young Ray & family to Florence before 5, Daneil to Hln shortly after. Pinochle marathon again today, still playing 6PM. 70 degrees - 610PM Beautiful day! Almost full moon - beautiful evening - Bennie had a tick.

July 13 (Monday)
52 degrees @ 7:00 am clear. Short crew today - only 13. Cecil to Libby, Bennie & Louie to Lewistown, DHP to Whitefish by 11AM. Already 70 degrees. Sheila N. to Bozeman 3:30 & Dorrie & Chas. S to Helena. Daneil out from Helena 6pm or so. Ate with us cleaning up leftovers. Headed home by 9 PM. 70 degrees 930PM - breezy, overcast.

July 14 (Tuesday)
56 degrees @ 7 AM. Few clouds. J. saw deer over by south gate - also bunch of cows. Packing up - ready to go at 9:45A. Cleaned the cabin. Ray & Lois S. Joann & Hank N. & Louise & Harry - last ones.

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