Twelfth Annual Reunion


Bennie and Louis Baker
Gary and Pat Baker
Daneil and Bob Bartlett
Ross Boring
Cecil Haines
Terry Haines
Herb and Irene Kolschefsky (Pat's parents)
Joann and Hank Neidhardt
Sheila Neidhardt and friend Michelle Baier
Don, Terry, and Jennifer Petersen
Molly Petersen
Karen St. George
Phillip and Debbie St. George
Dorrie and Charlie Simpson
Brad Smith and friend Jackie Henderson
Helen Smith and friend Jim Gulliher
Lois and Ray Smith

A total of twenty-nine family members and friends attended the twelfth reunion. Attendee list was provided by Joann Neidhardt. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Journals of Bennie Haines Baker

Friday July 13, 1990 Homestead
Hot day but not too bad driving. We left at 8:00. L. drove all the way. Went via White Sulphur Springs. Stopped for a break at the Deep Cr. rest area - ate lunch. Got here at 12:00. Terry Haines arrived about half an hr. earlier. We opened up the house and put up the flag before Dorrie and Charlie came. Set up our tent. Then Cecil and Ross came, next Hank and Joann & Molly. Had lots of good food. Dorrie & I walked to the outer gate this evening. We had a couple games of Scattergory. All to bed by eleven. I fell and got my back out.

Saturday July 14
Another hot day. D. & I hiked up the gulch almost to the gate, over to the north forty & down behind the cliff. Met Ross & Terry & we sat and talked for a long time. On down by the barn. Pat, Gary, Irene, and Herb came about noon. After dinner P. & G. took Herb back to town for his treatment. In eve we played Scattergory.

Sunday July 15
Not quite so hot. Every one gone but Lois & Ray, Dorrie & Chas., Cecil and L & I. So quiet and peaceful this eve. D., Terry & I walked down to the lower spring. Picked a few gooseberries - lots of them there, but there's not many ripe. The men played pinochle (the women three-handed p.) before Don P. left about dark. He, Terry, & Jennifer had a motel for the night in Helena.

Monday July 16 - Home again
Arrived about 2:30. Both of us about done in. My back killing me - not much sleep last nite. We stopped at the lake near Checkerboard for a nature break. L. drove to Harlo and I the rest of the way.

From the Homestead Cabin Log

July 13 (Friday)
Ben & Louis Baker, Terry Haines in around noon. HOT! 92 degrees @ 3:00. Joann, Hank N. and Molly P. in at 12:45 p.m. Cecil H.; Ross Boring; Dorrie & Chas. S. in at 3. Lois & Ray S. at 4 p.m. Bob & Daneil Bartlett @ 9:00. Sheila N & friend Michelle B. here 11:30 PM.

July 14 (Saturday)
75 degrees - 1030AM - sunny. Breakfast outdoors. Gary & Pat Baker, Pat's parents Irene & Herb Kolschefsky here about 1130AM. Helen Smith & friend Jim Gulliher here about 12PM. Brad Smith & friend Jackie Hennesy here 1:30PM. Karen, Phil & Debbie St. George here 3 or so. Discussions, walking, resting, eating, drinking Throughout the day. Hamburger & hot dog feed, with salads & relish trays. Gary & Pat out about 6 PM to Hln. Bob Bartlett headed to Helena 7:30PM for some socializing with others. Helen & friend to Gt Fs about 7:30 PM & Phil & Debbie to Hln. Some game playing. No music. Don, Terry, Jennifer Petersen eith Bonnie Blue (dog) here 330PM or so. Bob B. back about 1130PM.

July 15 (Sunday)
62 degrees - 8 AM - 3 or more cooks, a lot of critics doing breakfast. Pat & Gary B here for breakfast. HOT! Big horseshoe tournament for several hours. Competing were Daneil & Bob, Brad, Jackie H., Ross, DHP. Gary & Pat back to Hln & Blgs about noon. Jennifer & Molly out for ice and Sunday paper. Some gooseberry picking - not ripe. Joann, Hank, Molly, to Gt Fs & C Bnk 4PM. Brad & Jackie to Msla, Daneil & Bob to Hln, Sheila & Michelle to Bzn, Ross to Colum. Fls about 5 PM. Terry Haines to Spokane, DHP, Terry, & Jennifer into Hln about 5:30PM. Karen off to Hln 730PM. Temp was over 90 degrees during afternoon - no breeze. Some knapweed got pulled - more still there. DHP back in eve to play some pinochle. He & Charlie big winners against Ray & Louie. Dorrie, Bennie, & Lois played three-handed. Lois won 2 games. Cecil kibitzed. Cooled down nice for sleeping.

July 16 (Monday)
82 degrees - 11:35AM. Cecil off to Libby about 930AM. Bennie & Louie to Lwstwn around 10AM. Dorrie & Charlie, Ray & Lois picking things up, trying to figure out where all the extra food should go. Had a light lunch - cleaning things. 92 degrees 220PM. Dorrie & Chas to Hln Ray & Lois to Gt Fs.

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