Eleventh Annual Reunion


Bennie and Louis Baker
Lois Barker
Daneil and Bob Bartlett
Cecil Haines
Vicki Johnson
Peggy Longfellow
Betsy, Rob, and Jeb Maynard
Joann and Hank Neidhardt
Sheila Neidhardt
Don, Terry, and Jennifer Petersen
Duane and Molly Petersen
Dorrie and Charlie Simpson
Brad Smith
Helen Smith
Lois and Ray Smith
Ray Jr., Jason, Lyrra, and Amber Smith

A total of twenty-eight family members and friends attended the Eleventh reunion. Attendee list was provided by Joann Neidhardt. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Journals of Bennie Haines Baker

Friday July 14, 1989 Homestead
It's so beautiful and peaceful out here. Not many here tonite. L. had trouble early this a.m. so we didn't get started until 11:00 - got here about 3:40. I drove to Belt - in the rain - cleared up at Gt. Falls. We ate a roadside lunch in the canyon & came up the Kennedy hill way. A centennial wagon train went thru our place last week. Don, Joann, Hank and Molly here. Also Ray, Lois, Jason, Cecil, later Dorrie & Charlie. (D. stopped to see an osteopath for her back). Others are to come late tonite. Supper - baked beans , taco casserole, lasagne, cabbage salad, veggies, fruit, banana bread, etc. We pitched our tent across the gully in the shade. I have to get over here on my hands and knees. Little shower in eve.

Saturday July 15
Loafed around in a.m. I baked the pancakes, and washed breakfast dishes. Afternoon Chas. took D. to the doctor aqain - pinched sciatic nerve. Vicki and Peggy out a short while. Terry, Jennifer, Bob, Daneil, Sheila, Brad S. & Helen S., Ray S. Jr. & two girls Amber & Lyra, Lois B., Betsy, Rod & Jeb got here about dark. Rain in eve.

Sunday July 16
Beautiful day with a little shower in evening. I baked pancakes again. Walked a little. Quiet day. Worked puzzles, played cards etc. in eve. Hmbgrs & weenies for early supper. In a.m. kids went with me & I crawled up to the top of the low cliff & slid on my but over the rocks on the route below the chicken coop. Ray Jr. & kids, Sheila, Brad, Terry, & Jennifer left. I slid down the hill in front of the house with Amber Smith.

Monday July 17 - Home again
Another beautiful day. L. drove the whole way. Stopped at the By-way Cafe in Stanford - ugh!

From the Homestead Cabin Log

July 14 (Friday)
REUNION! Ray, Lois, Jason here shortly after 1 PM. Sunny - 80 degrees. Joann, Hank, & Molly showed about 2PM. Cecil Haines here about 2:30 PM. Bennie & Louie Baker, Donald P., & Dorrie & Chas. drove in after 3 PM. An ethnic dinner was served - lasagne, enchiladas, casserole, baked beans, cole slaw. Great day - beautiful moon. Daneil & Bob Bartlett in at 10:30 a.m.

July 15 (Saturday)
7 A.M. Clear. 56 degrees. Helen Smith in 11:45AM. Part of crew went to cut tree that was across road above Mark's. Brad S. & dog in @ 3 pm. Sheila N - @ 4 p.m. Ray Smith & kids in @ 4:30 p.m. 86 degrees at 5PM. Another outdoor feed - too much food for 22 people. Terry & Jennifer Petersen in about 5PM. Black clouds & wind rolled in & stayed a short while. Peggy L. & Vicki came before 7 PM to see Lois B & family who weren't here yet. They arrived about 9 PM. Everyone got lined up for bed spaces then started turning in. (Lois Barker, Betsy & Rod & Jeb.)

July 16 (Sunday)
7:15 am 56 degrees. Duane P. here 1:15. 80 degrees sunny & cloudy intermittently. No gooseberries this year - per Joann & Lois S! Rained after our picnic. Terry & Jennifer P - Helen Smith & Brad Smith out at 5. 2 card games! Duane P. out at 8p.m. Bennie B. climbed (crawled) the rocks. 83 yrs young.

July 17 (Monday)
Cloudy. 54 degrees - 6 AM. Everyone packing 'cept Daneil, Ray and Lois. Cecil, Joann, Hank, & Molly first ones out (Bob was really headed for camp in Helena). Next was DHP, and Lois Barker with Rod, Betsy, & Jeb Maynard. After lunch Dorries & Charlie headed to Helena. She was going for another back treatment. Danei, Ray & Lois doing some packing up. Sunny, brrezy. 73 degrees - 330PM. Bob B. in at 4:30PM. We all worked at cleaning up leftovers! Daneil & Bob headed for E. Hlna about 830PM. L & R organizing in order to lock up Tues AM early. Full moon, beautiful night - where was it Sat & Sun nights?! 56 degrees - 10:30PM.

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Photos provided by Bennie Baker and Joann Neidhardt.

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