Tenth Annual Reunion


Bennie Baker
Brett Baker
Daneil Bartlett
Ross Boring
Cecil Haines
Dana and Mary Niedhardt
Paul Neidhardt and friend Todd Kelly
Sheila Neidhardt
David Petersen
Molly Petersen
Don and Terry Petersen
Karen and Nikki St. George
Kathy and John Schaefers
Dorrie and Charlie Simpson
Brad Smith and friend Libby P.
Helen Smith
Lois and Ray Smith
Linda and Joe Summers

A total of thirty-three family members and friends attended the Tenth reunion. Attendee list was derived from photos, the cabin log, and Bennie Baker's journal, and may not be complete. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Journals of Bennie Haines Baker

From the Journals of Bennie Haines Baker

Friday July 15, 1988 Homestead
Brett & I left about 11:00. Went by Gt. Falls and up Clark's Creek & Kennedy Hill. Got here about 3:00. Lois & Ray, Dorrie & Chas. & Cecil here. Joann & Hank & Molly - Duane's girl - came a little later. Others straggled in. We had a good supper - stew & two casseroles. Sat around and talked all evening. Cecil & Chas. went to My. City to meet Ross - he didn't show up. Molly slept in the tent with me.

Saturday July 16
More people came today - making a total of 26. Hank Don and I made breakfast. Some of us women picked gooseberries down by the springs (which were about dry). Loafed. D. & I walked down to the lower spring and back up the hill - saw lots more gooseberries. Had our barbecue meal meal tonight instead of Sunday as we usually do. Joe S. & Daneil played guitar and sang until about midnight. The young people went up to Park Lake after supper but it was quite cold for swimming so they didn't stay long.

Sunday July 17 - Home again
Rained a little bit in the night. Same three cooked breakfast - sausage & pancakes, & bacon. Paul & Todd went up on the cliff and played their trumpets for about half an hour. Beautiful! They both just graduated with a major in music. D. & I & Ross and the little kids climbed up to the memorial. Back up the easy route past the "chicken coop" and down the trail by the corral site. Brett & I left at 11:15 - back by the Kennedy and Gt. Falls. Home about 3:30.

From the Homestead Cabin Log

July 15 (Friday)
Ray, Lois, & Molly P. in about 1 PM. Warm & cloudy 74 degrees. DHP here about 3:00PM - Dorrie & Charlie, & Cecil in about 5 min later. Bennie & Brett Baker here about 4 PM. Joann & Hank in about 6PM. Good company! Paul N. also showed up (7PM?) Now we are waiting for Ross B to make an appearance.

July 16 (Saturday)
56 degrees clear. Lots of gooseberries. Ross B. (Cecil's grandson) here about 10:30 AM. Took the scenic route - all the old rds between Mark's & homestead. Joe, Linda, Daneil (Bartlett) Summers, Karen & Nikki St. George showed up 12:30 AM. 3:30 Todd Kelly - Paul's friend in at 3:30. Terry Petersen here after 7PM. 86 degrees at 4 P.M. Brad S. & Libby P in at 8:30. Kids went to Park Lake to swim. Joe & Daneil entertained us. No bonfire - too dry.

July 17 (Sunday)
62 degrees at 7:45a. Clear lt. breeze. Hot-cake breakfast! Ben B. & Brett B. out at 11 am. Joann, Lois, Linda, Karen up on rocks. DHP & Terry out about 1:20 PM - to Hln - DHP) & Hvr - TKP. Summers & Molly, Neidhardts (J&H), Ross B. took off 3-3:30 PM - DHP back from Hln late afternoon 84 degrees during day. Karen & Nikki St. George left, then DHP 8:30PM & later. Dorrie, Lois S, & Lyrra S. went for walk, picked raspberries - bumper crop sitting up there. Ray & Lois, Dorrie & Chas whipped up a game of pinochle - women beat! Ray retired, L, D, & C played 3-handed. Chas won!

July 18 (Monday)
47 degrees. 6AM. Cool. Troops up early. Ray jr & Jason heading for Msla after breakfast. Cecil going 1:15PM. Dorrie, Lyrra, Amber, & Lois went up cow trail to back of rocks, circled around & down - warm. Charlie & Dorrie headed for Hln. 3:30 PM 80 degrees - sunny, feels 90. Still lots of food around kitchen & porch! DHP & Karen St. G. out after 5PM. Had some Petersen chili (good!), hot dogs, hamb. , & odds & ends. Picked lots of raspberries, left lots behind. DHP & Karen headed for Hln about 9:30PM. 60 degrees 10PM clear.

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Photos provided by Bennie Baker and Joann Neidhardt.

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