Ninth Annual Reunion


Daneil and Bob Bartlett
Dana Neidhardt
Joann and Hank Neidhardt
Paul Neidhardt
David Petersen and cousin Steve Phillips Brad Smith
Lois and Ray Smith
Ray Jr., Jason, Lyrra, and Amber Smith

A total of fifteenteen family members attended the ninth reunion. Attendee list was derived from the cabin log, and may not be complete. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Homestead Cabin Log

July 10 (Friday)
50 degrees - rainy. Joann, Hank, Lois, Ray in about 7 P.M. Took Smiths 6+ hrs to get here. Ray played in the mud on the north slope - worked his butt off getting out. Went back to Mont. City exit and came in thru Mark's! Daneil came about 8:30 PM. Went No. way, turned around & came So. way. Dana in about 11:PM with no problems. Ha! 50 degrees - 12AM.

July 11 (Saturday)
Up at 7:30 - 47 degrees. Cloudy. Clearing. Snow on nearby peaks. Overcast most of the day. Paul N. here about 1:30 PM. Brad S. came about 3 PM. David P. & cousin Steve Phillips here about 3:30, left about 4, heading for Calif. Bob Bartlett here (8) for the night from guard drill. Clear, full moon. 48 degrees - 11 PM.

Jul 12 (Sunday)
7 A.M 42 degrees Clear and Calm. Bob & friends circled in helicopter 8:30 AM. Hank cooked breakfast. Work detail cut wood, hauled wood. Cut rose bushes, etc. Dana left for Blgs 4:30 PM, Brad for GtFs, Paul for Msla 5:30 PM. 76 degrees - 2 PM. Ray Smith Jr., Jason, Lyrra, & Amber in about 8:30 PM. 55 degrees - 11 PM.

July 13 (Monday)
Cloudy - calm, 50 degrees at 6:20 AM. Daneil & Bob headed to BZN 8:30 AM. Daneil gets to go to work. Guys put stove panels on wall behind stove. Joann was our "Char", Lois cleaned one bdrm. J&L also took kids up around rocks. Everyone rested in afternoon - 80 degrees - 4:PM. Beautiful day.

I don't have any photos of the eighth reunion.

Any photo contributions would be appreciated, they would be scanned and returned.

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