Eighth Annual Reunion


Bennie and Louis Baker
Daneil and Bob Bartlett
Denise Greene
Cecil Haines
Peg Longfellow
Dana and Mary Neidhardt
Joann and Hank Neidhardt
David Petersen
Don, Terry, and Jennifer Petersen, and friend Carrie Evans
Karen, Kevin, and Nikki St. George
Penny Strandberg
Dorrie and Charlie Simpson
Lois and Ray Smith
Ray Jr., Lyrra, and Jason Smith
Linda and Joe Summers

A total of twenty-nine family members and friends attended the eighth reunion. Attendee list was derived from the cabin log, and Bennie Baker's journal, and may not be complete. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Journals of Bennie Haines Baker

Friday July 11, 1986 Homestead
Left home at 9:07 a.m. Weather nice. Went via Gt. Falls. Stopped in Wolf Creek canyon to eat our lunch. Got here about 2:00. Don P. & David, Lois & Ray were already there. Dorrie Chas., & Cecil came shortly after. Then Joann & Hank. We all ate supper together. Terry, Jennifer & Kerry, Dana & Mary, Daneil, Bob, came later. We walked to outer gate - met Peg, Penny & Denise, they went back.

Saturday July 12
Cool & cloudy until late afternoon. A bunch of us went up to Park Lake for picnic in afternoon. Went wading but it was too cold for swimming. Back about 6:00. Karen & Nikki, Joe & linda, Ray Jr. & kids Lyrra & Jason arrived. Had a bonfire & Joe & Daneil sang & played the guitars. Bob was at Natnl. Guard & came about 10:00. He flew the helicopter over & circled & blinked the lights.

Sunday July 13
Lovely day - warmish. D. & I climbed the cliff the easy way. We & Karen hiked to the lower spring & up over the hill. Men played pinochle and gabbed - women played scrabble & fixed food, etc. D., Jo, D. and I hiked over to the Clarabelle mine to see where the fire was last summer and to get quartz chunks for Dorrie. Gregg St. George came out after Karen, Kevin & Nikki. Others left in late afternoon. Neidhardts, Smiths, Don, David, Daneil & Bob still here. To bed early.

Monday July 14 - Home again
Nice day. Drove non-stop to Lewistown. Arrived about 2:30.

From the Homestead Cabin Log

July 11 (Friday)
Light breeze & partly cloudy at 7 AM - 52 degrees. quiet, but expected to change today. Ray & Lois from Gt Fs - 1:30 PM or so. David Petersen from Lakeside 1:45 PM - Ben & Louie Baker from Lwtn 2:10 PM - Dorrie & Charlie Simpson & Cecil from Libby - 2:35 PM. 8 PM Joann & Hank in. Dana & Mary, Daneil & Bob in at 10:30 Terry & Jennifer & friend Carrie right after. Peg, Penny, Denise up at gate.

July 12 (Saturday)
46 degrees @ 7 a.m. Clear. Karen, Kevin, Nicki out from Hln. 1:30 PM. Part of crowd going to Park Lake for a picnic. Back about 6 PM - good time. Ray Smith Jr. Jason, Lyrra came to Park Lake then to homestead. Joe & Linda Summers in at 8 PM. Big fish feed! Bonfire and singing.

July 13 (Sunday)
50 degrees clear - calm. Warm day. Troops started leaving 2:30 PM. After the hub-bub pinochle and scrabble sessions were held. Women walked over to fire site. (Dorrie, Bennie, Joann, Daneil, & Lois S.) Some picked rocks. Daneil, Bob, & David P. went carousing after sun went down. Bright moonlight. Greg St. G. out.

July 14 (Monday)
50 - 7:15 AM - Sunny & calm. A few more people gearing up to leave - DHP, Ben & Louie, DKP, Cecil, Daneil & Bob, Dorrie & Charlie. 68 degrees - 9:30 PM. Hank & Ray orgainized supper. Hauled a pickup load of pine needles to mine hole.

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