Seventh Annual Reunion


Bennie and Louis Baker
Lois Barker
Dana and Mary Neidhardt
Joann, Hank, Paul, and Sheila Neidhardt
Don, Terry, and Jennifer Petersen
Lois, Ray, and Helen Smith
Bruce St. George and friend Vonnie
Karen and Kevin St. George
Daneil Summers & Bob Bartlett
Linda and Joe Summers

A total of twenty-three family members and friends attended the seventh reunion. Attendee list was derived from photos, the cabin log, and Bennie Baker's journal, and may not be complete. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Journals of Bennie Haines Baker

Friday July 12, 1985 Homestead
Still hot. We left about 11:00. L. drove to W.S.S where we stopped for lunch. Then I drove to Mark's. Got here about 4:00. Hank & Paul had come before noon. Dana & Mary, Joann & Sheila, Daneil & Bob came in evening. Also Don, Terry & Jennifer.

Saturday July 13
Hot. Ray, Lois came about noon. Hank & I cooked breakfast - pancakes & bacon and scrambled eggs. Don, Terry, Joann, Daneil & Bob, & I picked gooseberries down by the spring. Had supper - a cold one, very good, at 5:00. All but Don, Hank & Ray went up to Park Lake - beautiful! L., Joann & I rode with Lois in her pick-up. When we got back Joe, Linda, and Helen Smith were there (about 9:00). Couldn't have a bonfire as it is so dry.

Sunday July 14 - Home again
Daneil, Bob & I climbed the cliff. Then Dana, Sheila, Joann & I hiked over to the Clarabelle. Found some almost clear quartz. Not so hot today. Hank & I cooked breakfast again - pancakes & sausage. We ate dinner about 1:30 - Don barbecued the wieners and hamburger, I made pork & beans. Watermelon for dessert. We left about 3:00. Dana & Mary left earlier, and all but Hank & Joann and Ray and Lois were leaving soon. L. drove to the first "lake" & I drove the rest of the way home.

From the Homestead Cabin Log

July 12 (Friday)
Had a good trip down - Hank & Paul arrived at 11:00 a was 80 degrees in the shade. No one here yet but us. Very light breeze and lite clouds. Ben & Louis at 4:00 PM. Very hot! and cloudy. Daneil in at 8:15 P.M. Don & Terry & Jennifer in from Havre at 5:30 Cooling down! Dana & Mary & Bob in at9:45 P Mom & Sheila at 11:35 (late again)

July 13 (Saturday)
Everyone present & accounted for!
Smiths - Ray & Lois - at 12:30. Kids all went to Helena. Picked 10 qts gooseberries before it got too hot. 80 degrees @ 2:30 p.m. Breeze, some clouds. Saw 1 deer (doe) this a.m. Joe & Linda arrived pm. & Helen S. Everyone went to Park Lake to swim.

July 14 (Sunday)
54 degrees - few clouds - 8 AM. Cooks are putting breakfast together. Picked gooseberries. People beginning to pack up. After lunch Dana Mary N. left for Billings. Ben and Louie headed for Lewistown - 2:30 PM or so. Sheila & Paul out to CBnk. 3 or 3:30 PM. Daneil & friend Bob & Helen thinking of leaving when a plane kept going over and Ray walked up the hill & saw smoke. Ray, Don, Joe, Bob, Daneil, Hank, Joann, & Helen headed toward Clarabelle area. Some people already there - Hank & Helen came back & helped Linda, Terry, Jennifer & Lois break camp immediately in case things got bad. Fast work done in about 20 min - then sat up on the flat until word came fire was contained - Clancy & Mont City Volunteer Fire Depts showed up as well as other people then the Forest Service people did mop up. Summers and DH Petersens out about 7 PM. Guys got back from fire around 6:30 PM. Helen, Daneil, & Bob out about 8 PM. Hank, Joann, Ray, Lois went up to fire site about 9 PM - Forest serv still there with 2 trucks & 6 people. Evidence indicated kids cooking hot dogs & canned beans or such started it. Joann & Ray used our shower facilities to wash smoke dirt off (not jointly). We hit the beds 10:30 PM or so. Quiet and clear and warm.

July 15 (Monday)
56 degrees - 6 AM - Ray got up, couldn't sleep. Going to be a hot day. Bruce brought Karen & Kevin out about noon. We went up to fire site - 3 people in there cleaning up hot spots. Ray & Hank fixed fence over by Mark Krypan(?)'s. We all melted in the afternoon - 92 degrees - 5 PM. Joann, Hank, Kevin, & Lois drove down Jksn Creek road & around on frontage road. Nice ride. Bruce & friend Vonnie out for a short visit about 10 PM. Clouds & some stars.

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Photos provided by Bennie Baker and Joann Neidhardt.

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