Sixth Annual Reunion


Bennie and Louis Baker
Brett Baker and Karen Patterson
Lois Barker
Cecil Haines
Merle Haines and grandson Mike
Scott, David, and Nole Lucero
Dana Neidhardt
Joann and Hank Neidhardt
Sheila Nedhardt
Don, Terry, and Jennifer Petersen and friend Carrie
Dorrie and Charlie Simpson
Linda, Joe, and Daneil Summers and Greg
Lois, Ray, and Brad Smith
Ray Jr, Jason, and Lyrra

A total of thirty-one family members and friends attended the sixth reunion. Attendee list was derived from the cabin log and Bennie Baker's journal, and may not be complete. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Journals of Bennie Haines Baker

Wednesday July 11, 1984 Homestead
Left home at 8:30. L. drove to Harlow, I to our lunch place in Deep Creek, L the rest of the way. Got here at 12:30. Hot! Up to 89 degrees. Stopped for ice in Townsend. Expected to clean house but it was all in order - just dusted. Loafed all afternoon - In eve we walked up the gulch & down over the flat. To bed early - intiated our new tent. So peaceful.

Thursday July 12
Not quite so hot - 86 degrees. I climbed all over the cliff in the a.m. Got a load of water from the lower spring. Lois arrived at noon - we just gabbed until Merle & grandson Mike came about 2:45. A little later Cec, Dorrie & Chas. drove in. Brett and friend Karen Patterson came at 4:00. D. & I walked up the flat in the evening. Full moon. D. & Lois & Cec slept outside, Chas. in Bee's room - others in tents. Had a cold supper - lots of food.

Friday July 13
I cooked breakfast - hotcakes & bacon outside on camp stove. Brett, Karen, L. & I left for Fairmont at 7:45 - were a little early for our appointment so we got there by 11:45. Got a grandfather's clock and a set of cutlery - cheapish. B. & K swam while we listened to the sales pitch. L. drove over & B. back. Beautiful drive. Back by 1:00 - rest had eaten - cold lunch. Loafed & visited all afternoon - flies pesky. Scott & his kids David and "Noly" were here about 2 hrs - he put Jeunes name on the cliff at the "cemetery". Don, Terri, Jennifer & friend Carrie came at supper time. Sheila, Daneil and Dana came about the same time - at dusk. Hank & JoAnn got here after some of us were in bed. Merle & Mike left 9:00 p.m.

Saturday July 14
Hank & I cooked breakfast - scrambled eggs and sausages - for the early birds. D., L., & I walked up the gulch & back down back of the cliff. Sat in a shady place & had a gab fest for over an hour. Loafed in afternoon. (I made a couple of trips to the spring for water) Flies bad. Joann, Dana & Sheila went to Helena to shop - also got more ice, and hmbgr for our bunch. Sandwiches etc. for lunch. Another cold supper. Linda & Joe Summers came in time for supper. Campfire & singing. D, L & I, took another long walk. Smith's - Ray, Lois & Brad got here.

Sunday July 15
Weather still hottish with a little breeze at times. Cooked breakfast inside - pancakes & sausage - Hank & I did the cooking & I washed the dishes, others dried. A bunch of us womenfolks hiked down to Prim's house. Terry & I rested in a shady place and talked for a long time. Lots of beer drinking. Linda & Joe, Brett & Karen, Dana & Sheila left after dinner. We had our usual barbecued hmbrgs etc. for dinner in afternoon, and a bunch at night. Ray & Lois took L., Dorrie, Lois, Joann & Me in their pick-up to the west 80. Lois drove the pick-up back about to the gate & the rest of us hiked up hill & down & over rocks along the boundary fence. Campfire again, but a quiet time. I got most of our stuff ready for an early departure.

Monday July 16
Home again. We got here at noon - stopped only top change drivers, once near Checkerboard - I drove home from there.

From the Homestead Cabin Log

July 11 (Wednesday)
Ben & Louis arrived at noon expecting to "clean house" before anyone else got here - nice surprise - everything looking good! 81 degrees - full moon, beautiful.

July 12 (Thursday)
89 degrees Lois arrived at noon, Merle and Mike Hanes, Merle's grandson, at 2:45 and Cecil Charlie & Dorrie at 3. Had a picnic lunch for dinner outside. Brett and Karen (his girl f.) came about 4. Women walked in evening. 3 tents and Lois, Dorrie & Cec slept outside. Beautiful moonlight.

July 13 (Friday)
All up early. Ben & Louis, Brett and Karen left at 7:40 for Fairmont Hot Springs to see the Condos. Got a grandfather clock for gift. Merle, Lois, Dorrie & Mike walked to Prims brought water from spring. Scott Lucero, Nolly, & David came at 1:30. Scott put printing on rock for Jeune. Don & Terry Jennie & Carrie came at 6. All had dinner outside. Merle & Mike left at 8:30. Sheila came at 9, Dana a few minutes after. Jo & Hank came after 10:30. Women went for walk in eve.

July 14 (Saturday)
All had breakfast together. Scrambled eggs & ham. Jo, Sheila and Dana went to Helena for shoes. Ben Lois & Dorrie walked to the gate and back of cliff. Sheila & Dana to Clarabelle. Men sat & shot the breeze. Pooled our food for buffet dinner outside. Joe Linda and Greg came before dinner, Daneil about 8. Had a bonfire by Joe and Hank. Singing by Joe & Daneil.

July 15 (Sunday)
Lois Ray & Brad Smith here at noon. HOT! Again. Visiting & walks. Ray Smith Jr., Jason & Lyra here at 1 p.m. (In the original log book a list of attendees was placed here. It can be found in the reunion pages.) Brett B & friend left in the afternoon early, then Dana, then Sheila. Summers left in eve. Everyone had a good day. Some people packing up to leave Monday AM.

July 16 (Monday)
Ray into Hln by 7 AM. Ben, Louis, Cecil, Don, Terry, & kids, Ray Jr & kids all gone by 9 AM - Ray back about 3 PM. Charlie Dorrie, & Lois B into Hln about 4 PM. Lois's 50th class reunion this next weekend in Hln. Karen & Kevin out about 7-15 AM. We went down toward the Kennedy, saw Mark Krpan & wife Mary. 90 degrees - 1: PM

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