Fifth Annual Reunion


Bennie and Louis Baker
Tami and Shanda Baker
Cecil Haines
Merle and Fern Haines, and granddaughter Jonni and friend
Dana Neidhardt and Mary Schulze
Joann and Hank Neidhardt
Paul and Sheila Neidhardt
Don, Terry, Jennifer Petersen, and friend
David Petersen
Andie Petersen
Karen and Kevin St. George
Kathy and John Schaefers
Dorrie and Charlie Simpson
Lois, Ray, Carla, Brad, and Helen Smith, and friend Lonnie
Daneil Summers and friend Brian Miller

A total of thirty-five family members and friends attended the fifth reunion. Attendee list was derived with the aid of Joann Neidhardt, and from photos, the cabin log, and Bennie Baker's journal. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Journals of Bennie Haines Baker

Friday July 8, 1983 Homestead
A hot day! Up at 6:00 and set out plants, left home about 10:00. L. drive to near Checkerboard, then I drove to the cement plant at Mt. City. Ate our lunch at the picnic area in Deep Creek Canyon. Fence across road at the "Maggie". Dorrie, Chas., Hank & JoAnn, Cecil were already there. Merle & Fern came about the same time. Others came until dark - D. Petersen's etc. Dorrie & I walked around the loop. Ate outside. Vandals had cut screens, entered & stole knives, cut up pictures, etc. L., I, & and girls slept in the outer bedroom.

Saturday July 9
Rained all nite & all day, hard. Everyone crowded into the house - played pinochle, worked puzzles, read, did needle work, and ate.

Sunday July 10
Quit raining this A.M. Pancake breakfast, sausage, spuds, bacon eggs. In progress for 2 hrs. Food on table all day. All but Lois, Ray & Brad Smith, D. & Chas. and L., I and Cecil, girls were gone by mid-afternoon. We all played cards in the evening.

Monday July 11
Nice day. I walked down to spring for water while D. took girls up on the cliff. Left about 11:00 - stopped and talked to Evelyn Marks a few minutes. Stopped along the road by White Sulphur Springs to eat lunch in the car. L. drove to there & I drove to Lewistown. Got home about 4:00 - tired.

From the Homestead Cabin Log

July 7 (Thursday)
Joann, Hank & Sheila got in approx. 6:30. Showered some shortly after arrival. HOT!! Forgot to look at temp when we first came but 76 degrees at 9:10 PM after the shower.

July 8 (Friday)
Up early. Hank fixed some road-holes coming down the hill. Temp 68 degrees @ 9:00 AM, clear. Paul N. arrived around 3 followed by Chas. & Dorrie S. Then Cec Haines, then Ben & Louis Baker, Tammy & Shanda and then Fern & Merle H. John Schaefers and Dave Petersen arrived right at supper. Thunder but no rain yet. Don, Terry Petersen, Jennifer and friend arrived around 8 PM. Thunder lightning & rain during night.

July 9 (Saturday)
58 degrees @ 10 AM. Cool & cloudy. Breakfast in relays. Carla Smith & Andie Petersen in around 1 PM & Lois & Ray Smith & Kathie Schaefers around 2:30. Rained off and on. Karen St. George & Kevin arrived late p.m. Ate on porch because of rain. Played cards all evening.

July 10 (Sunday)
Rain. 45 degrees at 7 A.M. Ray S. walked down to meet Brad & Helen. Breakfast in relays. 27 Here. RAIN, RAIN, RAIN. Helen & friend Lonnie went back to Gt Fls. Majority heading out today - Carla & Andie first, followed by Sheila & Paul, John & Kathy, Dana & Mary. Then Terry & don, Joanne & Hank, Merle & Fern. Daneil & boyfriend Brian Miller in about 1 - 1:30 pm. Had some new food & a lot of leftovers. No one went hungry. Lifted off somewhat by 3 pm. 54 degrees - fresh snow on the peaks across the way. Daneil & Brian left early evening. Beautiful out, even some sunshine. Cecil, Louie, Charlie, & Ray had a big card game for about 7 hrs. Dorrie & Bennie went for a walk. Karen & Kevin left for Helena, then Shanda, Tammy, Dorrie, Bennie & Louis played cards for awhile. Several people thought they saw bear sign up around the north forty. 58 degrees about 7 p.m.

July 11 (Monday)
48 degrees sunny about 8 AM. More people getting ready to leave.Cecil left about 10:30 am, Ben & Louie about 11 AM, & Dorrie & Charlie shortly after 11:30 AM. Ray & Brad cutting wood. 80 degrees - 3 PM. Brad & Ray found some screen in garage so repaired screens during afternoon. 64 degrees - 9 PM. Cooling off nice. Thought Karen would show up so we could give her her some leftovers, but no show.

July 12 (Tuesday)
60 degrees - 8 AM - nice breeze. Cleaning out & packing up to head home, Brad, Ray, & Lois. Now that the weather's so great, out of the mood to leave.

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Photos provided by Joann Neidhardt.

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