Fourth Annual Reunion


Bennie and Louis Baker
Gary, Pat, Tami, and Shanda Baker
Lee, Carole, and Brian Baker, friend Roy Corth, and Al Blatter
Cecil Haines and two grandkids, and friend
Peggy Longfellow
Joann, Hank, Dana, Sheila, and Paul Neidhardt
Don, Terry, Andrea, and Jennifer Petersen
Karen and Kevin St. George
Tinker and Vaughn St. George, and friend
Dorrie and Charlie Simpson
Lois, Ray, Carla, Brad, and Helen Smith
Daneil Summers
A total of forty-one family members and friends attended the fourth reunion. Attendee list was derived from photos and Bennie Baker's journal and may not be complete. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Journals of Bennie Haines Baker

Thursday July 8, 1982 Homestead
Beautiful day - a little shower on the way over near Townsend. Left home at 9:30 lunch at our usual spot in Deep Creek Canyon - arrived at homestead at 2:30. Road up from Mark's in pretty good shape. Every thing green & lush. D. & Chas. got here about noon (from Peg's in Helena). Got settled in, made supper, played pinochle. D & I walked up on the "flat" - enjoyed the peace and quiet at last. Tinker, Vaughn & a friend out and mowed the grass around the house. JoAnn drove in about 10:00. We bedded down in the outer bedroom.

Friday July 9
Another nice day. We women worked all morning cleaning the place up. (I chose to do the outhouse & "woodwork" in the kitchen.) Just at supper time Cecil and his two grandkids & a friend (nice girl) drove in. Shortly after, Lee, C., Brian, Roy Costh & Al came. Next came Dana N. & Pat, G. & girls about 11:00.

Saturday July 10
Seems like all we did all day was fix food, eat & wash dishes. Got quite hot in afternoon. D. Jo & I walked to gate & up flat. I climbed the cliff. Peg, Penny & kids out in afternoon. Don & Terri Petersen & Jennifer came also. Then the Smith's, Daneil.

Sunday July 11
More people drifted in - Karen & Kevin, Andy P. & Carla S. from Missoula. Lee & I made sourdough pancakes for the whole crowd, I made hashed browns & Hank fried bacon and sausages. Karen, Dorrie, Carole, Pat, & I hiked down to Prim's fence. My leg almost didn't get me back. Lee, Terri & Brian & Roy drove into Helena to see & hear Lee on his taped tv program re civil aeronautics problems. After our 3 o'clock dinner people began leaving. We rode home with Lee, Carole, Al, Tammy & Shanda in the motor home & Brian & Roy drove the car. Got home about 9:00.

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Photos provided by Bennie Baker and Joann Neidhardt.

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