Third Annual Reunion


Bennie and Louis Baker
Lee, Carole, and Brett Baker, and Al Blatter
Tami, and Shanda Baker
Lois Barker
Ronnie and Rhonda Boring
Patrice, John, Shawntell, Jason, and Monique Camden
Cecil Haines and grandkids Shannon, Rachel, and Stacey
Ed, Dee, and Danny Haines
Billie, Frank, Diane, Kristi, and Brad Hanzel
Vicki and Kenny Johnson, and Thea and Jason Stanley
Larry, Marlene, Tobe, and Duane Longfellow
Peggy Longfellow
Linda Longfellow
Jeune Lucero
Joann, Hank, Sheila, and Paul Neidhardt and friend Dennis Lindgren
Don, Terry, and Jennifer Petersen
Morrie and Mildred Rudio
Tinker, Bruce, Vaughn, and Kevin St. George
Dorrie and Charlie Simpson
Penny, Bill, David, and Kelly Stranberg
Linda, Joe, and Daneil Summers
Jean Marie Swan
A total of sixty-three family members and friends attended the third reunion. Attendee list was derived from photos, the cabin log, and Bennie Baker's journal, and may not be complete. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Journals of Bennie Haines Baker

Wednesday July 8, 1981 Homestead
Beautiful day but hottish. Left home about 9:00 A M. Ate lunch at Deep Creek picnic ground. Got here at 2:00. Lois, Dorrie, Charlie and Jeune here. Merle, Fern, & Don P. had been here over the week-end but left on Mon. Peg, Patrice her husband John & kids Shawntelle, Jason & Monique came out this evening and Jeune went back with them. A little "creek" is running down behind the house.

Thursday July 9
Dorrie, Lois & I hiked up the flat and over to Jackson Creek. 2 new homes near the old mine. Came back down behind the cliff. Played cards until supper time, when Rudios came out with chicken, salad & drinks. They left right after supper. Ed Haines, Dee & Danny arrived, but left for nite. Joann and Hank came later. Had a bonfire. I walked up over the flat in the moonlight.

Friday July 10
Dorrie, Lois, Joann, Tammy and Shanda hiked down our old school trail to Lump Creek and back - 10:00 to 2:00. Picked 91 flowers. L., Hank & Charlie worked on the road so motor homes could get up. Ed's came about 1:00 - they left for the nite. Sheila, Paul & friend Dennis got here about the same time. Cecil and grandkids Shannon, Rachel, & Stacey, Rhonda & Ronnie, Lee, Carole, Brett & Al, we all ate together. Had a bonfire & a try at a sing- along with Hank & his guitar.

Saturday July 11
A gang of us hiked down to the east fence and up over the hill toward the "bank" on the way back. Found another spring & little "creek" over there. Our wild flower collection got up to 127! Snacked at noon and had a big pot luck dinner about 6:00. Rained so we ate inside. Some of us hiked up to "Coyote Circle". Hanzels & Summers came in time for supper. 4 of Karen's boys came out with keg of beer in afternoon (Tinker, Bruce, Vaughn & Kevin). Don & Terry & Jennifer came. K's boys left by request about 7:30. Had a big bonfire - Joe S. played guitar and sang until nearly 3:00 A.M. I stayed up as the bonfire was about under our window.

Sunday July 12
Lee & I made some sourdough pancakes for the whole gang. Peg & her gang (8 of them) out (Patrice, John, Penny, Bill, Larry & Marlene & Linda plus their kids. Peg & I hiked over to the outer gate. Then her kids climbed the cliff with us. Kind of hot until it rained about 5:00, just after Hanzels, Summers, D. Petersens, and Peg's left. Cec took Jean into the airport. Quiet evening around the bonfire.

Monday July 13
Lois slipped out about 7:00. Lee's left shortly afterwards. Cloudy & looked like rain so we put the camper down - then it cleared up. We left at 10:30. Rachel, Stacey, Tammy & Shanda rode home with Cec. They toured the capitol so they didn't get here until supper time. L. drove to W.S.S. and I drove to Eddy's Corner. Stopped and visited Evelyn Marks a short while.

From the Homestead Cabin Log

July 8 (Wednesday)
48 at 9:00 AM. 75 afternoon
Ben & Louis Tammy & Shanda came at 3. We miss the flag. Peg & Patrice's family out in eve. Played cards. Jeune went back with them.

July 9 (Thursday)
50 at 8:00 am. 87 in afternoon
Some walked to Jackson Creek. Played cards in afternoon. Morrie & Mildred Rudio came stayed for dinner. Ed & Dee Haines stopped by, didn't stay. Hank & Joann came about 7. Had a bonfire.

July 10 (Friday)
58 at 8:00
Hank made hotcakes. Bunch walked down to Lump Gulch. Men went down to fix the road. Ed, Dee & Danny Haines came about 1. Sheila Paul & Dennis Lindgren (Paul's friend) came at 4 followed by Cecil & kids, Ronnie and Rhonda, Lee Carol, Bret & Al. Rained at dinnertime. Cec picked Jeanne up at Helena airport at 7. Had a bonfire Hank played guitar.

July 11 (Saturday)
52 at 7 am
Bunch hiked. Hanzels from Lewistown, & Summer from Great Falls came before dinner time. Smiths in also - Great Falls. St George boys about 3. Rained at dinner time. Don & Lee cooked hamburgers & Chili. Had a big bonfire Joe sang & he & Hank played guitar. St George boys left about 10.

July 12 (Sunday)
Sour dough pancake breakfast - cooked by Ben & Lee. 62 here for dinner

Missing the rest of the cabin log for 1981 GPB

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Photos provided by Bennie Baker, and Lee and Carole Baker.

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