Second Annual Reunion


Bennie and Louis Baker
Tami, and Shanda Baker
Lee, Carole, and Brian Baker, and Al Blatter
Lois and Charlie Barker and Denise Maynard
Diane, Don, Greg, Scott, and Jodi Gillingham
Cecil Haines
Minnie Haines, sister Katie Nettleton and friend Myrtle Lisco
Billie, Frank, Diane, Kristi, and Brad Hanzel
Vicki Johnson, and Mike, Larry, Thea, and Jason Stanley
Peggy Longfellow
Jeune Lucero
Scott, Kathy, Tawnya, David, and Valeinya Lucero
Joann, Hank, Dana, Sheila, and Paul Neidhardt
Don, Terry, and Jennifer Petersen
Anne and Randy Rutka, and Randy's wife Lisa Marie
Karen, Bruce, Philip, Greg, Vaughn, and Kevin St. George
Dorrie & Charlie Simpson
Lois, Ray, Carla, Brad, and Helen Smith
Ray Jr and Linda Smith, and baby
Penny, Bill, David, and Kelly Strandberg
Linda, Joe, and Daneil Summers and friend John Werner
A total of seventy-two family members and friends attended the second reunion. Attendee list was derived from photos, the cabin log, and Bennie Baker's journal and may not be complete. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Journals of Bennie Haines Baker
Thursday July 10, 1980 Homestead
Left home at 8:30 - had lunch in the picnic area in Deep Creek Canyon. Here about 1:00. Rain and hail from Montana City to homestead gate. Set up camper, opened house, etc. Everything green and lush except the horrible sight up the gulch where it was logged. Dorrie and Chas. came about 6:30 and Charlie, Lois, & Diane, Don, Greg, Scott and Jodi at 8:30 in Charlie's fancy big motorhome. Had a good visit.

Friday July 11.
Loaf and visited. Chas. B., Don & boys went into Helena to visit relatives. Lee, C. & Brian came about 7:00 and Neidhardts after dark. Karen's boys, Phil, Bruce & Kevin came.

Saturday July 12
Big day. More people - Hanzels, Smiths, Vicki & 3 kids & Jeune, Minnie, Mgrt. & Katie Summers, & in evening Peg, Patrice & her husband and 2 boys. All ate together about 4:30 - birthday cake for Mike S. Don Petersons came later. Had a campfire and sat around it until midnight - Joe Summers & Hank played guitar and sang all evening. Heavy rain & hail in the nite.

Sunday July 13
Cec drove in about 5:00 a.m. Lee & I baked sourdough pancakes for the whole group. Hank cooked bacon & eggs. Had our big meal about 2:00 all together. Karen & boys came out. Also Vic & Annie & Randy & wife, Jeune & kids, Ray Smith Jr. & wife & baby. Barkers left about 10:00, & Lee right after noon. Climbed cliff, walked etc. Quiet this evening - everyone gone but L. & I & Tammy & Shanda, Simpsons, Smiths, Neidhardts, Al. Had campfire again - to bed early. Dorrie, Joann, Shanda & I walked down to Prims. Rained in afternoon.

Monday July 14
Breakfast together in house - I made sourdough pancakes again. Ray S. took a bunch of us up to the Clara Belle mine to get white quartz after breakfast. Karen out again - a bunch of us buried Bee's ashes by the cliff. Right after lunch we started for home. Cec, & D. & Chas. came at the same time. Drove straight thru - got home about 6:30.

From the Homestead Cabin Log
July 10th (Thursday)
Louis & Bennie Baker and grandaughters Tammy and Shanda (Gary's) arrived with camper about 1:00 p.m. Set up camper and then relaxed until Dorrie and Charlie came at 6:00. From Mark's up to gate we drove in pouring rain and a little hail. Rest of day was warm & sunny. In evening Karen's boys Phil, Bruce & Kevin arrived. The Barkers - Chas.'s motor home arrived about 8:00. - Chas, Don & Diane Gillingham and Scott, Greg, and Jodie, and Lois B and Denise Maynard. A great evening of getting acquainted and re-acquainted.

July 11 (Friday)
Lee Baker, Carole, Brian and Grandpa Al got in and had supper with the rest of the gang. About 10:00p.m. Neidhardts showed up - Hank, Joann, Sheila and Paul. Dana drove in a little later. Set up camp. Everybody in bed by 11:00 (except Sheila!) Friday was a beautiful day - warm sun and a cool breeze.

July 12 & 13 (Saturday & Sunday)
Beautiful day. Joe & Linda Summers arrived around 3; Smiths about 330. Karen St. George & family. Scott Lucero & family. Cecil drove in from 5 AM from Portland Ore. About 64 people here this year.

July 14 (Monday)
Simpsons, Bakers & C. Haines left after lunch. Before noon everyone up on rock to bury Bea's ashes. Nice day today. Karen, Vaughn St George & friend out. Picked strawberries - yummy! Evening Peg Longfellow & John Penny & husband Bill Stranberg out & cut wood. Ray & Ruth Smith Jr in Sun pm left Mon. afternoon

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Photos provided by Bennie Baker, Dianne Gillingham, Joann Neidhardt, and Lee and Carole Baker.

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