First Annual Reunion


Bennie and Louis Baker
Gary, Pat, Tami, and Shanda Baker
Lee, Brett, and Brian Baker
Lois Barker
Patrice, John, Shawntell, Jason, and Monique Camden
Sue and Lance Davy
Denise, Dennis, Michelle, and Gregory Greene
Merle and Fern Haines and grandkids Robin and Jonni Gratton
Billie, Frank, Kristi, and Brad Hanzel
Vicki Johnson
Jeune Lucero
Jerry, Lean, and Chris Longfellow
Larry, Marlene, Tobe, and Duane Longfellow
Peggy Longfellow
Scott, Kathy, Tawnya, David, and Valeinya Lucero
Joann, Hank, Dana, Sheila, and Paul Neidhardt
Don, Terry, Andrea, Kathy and Jennifer Petersen, and Kathy's boyfriend John
Anne and Randy Rutka, and Floyd and Chad Hassler
Karen and Philip St. George, and friend Kenny
Dorrie and Charlie Simpson, and Charlie's sister Dode Dorrenbacher
Lois, Ray, Carla, Brad, and Helen Smith
Penny, Bill, David, and Kelly Stranberg
Linda, Joe, and Daneil Summers

A total of seventy-Eight family members and friends attended the first reunion. Attendee list was derived from photos, the cabin log, and Bennie Baker's journal, and may not be complete. Any corrections or additions would be welcome.

From the Journals of Bennie Haines Baker

Friday June 29, 1979 Homestead
We left home about 9:30. Al rode with us - had his CB in our car - and Lee, Brian, and Vicki rode in the camper. Beautiful day, but kind of hot. We ate lunch in Deep Creek Canyon. Got here about 2:00. Neidhardts came an hour or so later. Climbed the cliff, explored, rambled around, etc. L. and I slept on the ground. Gary & Pat got here about 11:00 P.M.

Saturday June 30
A big day. People kept driving in all day. I counted 63 relatives here together - pick-up campers, motor home, trailer camper, cars, tents all over the place, and we ate constantly from early morning until late night. I made a list of all present, and we took pictures by families. Had quite a downpour as we were eating noon dinner - had to make a run for cover. Rest of the day beautiful.

Sunday July 1
More people came and many left by evening. Another great day - rained a little again, but nice the rest of the day. More eating, climbing, exploring, and gabbing. P. & G. left Tammy and Shanda to go home with us for a couple of weeks. Hiked down to Prim's old place. Houses all over down there.

Monday July 2
Beautiful day - few drops of rain. Merle & Fern left. Just Neidhardts & L. and I, Dorrie & Lois & T. & S. left. Some of us hiked clear up to the west fence of the west 80. L. & girls drove up & we rode back. Hiked down to Prim's again in eve to take a picture. Dorrie , Lois, Sheila, T. & Shanda & I drove to Clancy, Alhambra - (Lois visited Chas mother in rest home) then up to Uncle Chas old place, and up Lump Gulch. Houses everywhere. Conway's old place gone except for one little shack, no sign of where the school was.

Tuesday July 3 Home again
D. L. & I climbed cliff again - I didn't try the high one. Packed. Drove in to Helena, went thru the C. M. R. Museum. Met Karen and son Vaughn at the hospital after work & visited awhile. Had supper in Deep Cr. Canyon, got home about 9:00. Dorrie drove to Deep Cr, then I drove to Harlow & L. on home.

From the Homestead Cabin Log

June 29 (Friday)
Hank, Joanne Sheila Paul Neidhardt, & Helen Smith out. Ben & Louis Baker, Lee & son Brian, & Al B________ here already. Hot but rained & cooled off somewhat.

June 30 (Saturday)
Family reunion 56 people here! Rained when we sat down to eat. Good time
Lois & Ray - Linda & Joe brought out cake for Hank & Joann's ann.

July 1 (Sunday)
Big gang out again 65+. Nice day - sun & some clouds. Cooked hamburgers etc.

July 2 (Monday)
Fern & Merle left at 11 for Big Fork. Chas. Simpson & sister Dode left for Billings after lunch. Dorrie, Ben, Lois B Sheila, Joann Paul Brad Daneil went up looking at west 80 nice walk. Sunny day - not too hot.

July 3 (Tuesday)
Lois Joann Dorrie climbed cliff. Ben & Louis & girls Lois & Dorrie left around noon. Hot & sunny today.

July 4 (Wednesday)
Neidhardts - Brad & Daneil leave at 10. Peg & Denise out w/message - Dorrie left her clothes!

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Photos provided by Joann Neidhardt, and Lee and Carole Baker.

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